10 effective research tips for your PhD proposal

1. Choose a topic that is interesting for you

The range of PhD dissertation topics can be broad, but you should choose a topic which would motivate you to bring the research to the end. Seek ideas for PhD thesis in your life ask yourself what you really want. Along with that, do not hesitate to ask for help with PhD thesis from colleagues, tutors, and PhD experts.

2. Formulate your title clearly

Your topic will be scientific, but it should clearly show what you are going to explore in your PhD thesis and what will be the scope of your research. Do not try to capture a large research area that you will be unable to cover.

3. Focus on a real problem

Along with you own interest in formulating a PhD project topic, it should address a really existing problem that has not been solved yet. In your proposal, show why it has not been addressed and why ignoring this problem is undesirable.

4. Prove that your aim is feasible

Your proposal must convince the readers that the aim of your PhD project is worth achieving. Show how your thesis will contribute to the existing knowledge in the field and that the academic discipline your work in needs findings of your future work.

5. Make an impression in the first sentences

Your PhD report will be unique for you, but it will be one of hundreds similar proposals for those who will be reading it. They cannot spend much time for reading exactly your work, so you have to grab their attention from the very first sentences to make them distinguish it from other similar works.

6. Break down your proposal into clear sections

Your PhD thesis in economics or other sphere should be short but informative. It should clarify why you are going to do this work and how it is going to be done. To do this, break it into several sections which usually are introduction outlining the background and your aims, literature review, methodology, terms of work and ethical considerations.

7. Clearly determine your methodology

Along with introduction where your aims and research questions are formulated, the methodology section is the most important part of your PhD proposal. Once you have stated what you are going to do, you need to explain how you are going to answer your research questions. By outlining methodology, you will show your readers that you understand what exactly you are going to do in the thesis.

8. Write in a simple and a clear manner

No matter how complex research questions you are going to answer and how difficult aims you are going to achieve, your proposal should be written in a clear manner without excessive complications and jargon words. If you are able to explain the nature of your work in simple words, you really understand it.

9. Ask for professionals for advice

Do not hesitate to ask professionals for dissertation proposal writing help. They have more experience and may help you to save time and resources. It is not necessary that you fully delegate PhD thesis writing to others, it may be only a minor assistance with your thesis such as consulting, formulating thesis methodology or analysis.

10. Make PhD dissertation writing fun

Writing a thesis is not necessarily boring and difficult. It can become a really interesting time when you apply all your knowledge and skills for completing the largest project of your life. Just do not restrain yourself and let the things happen.